Video Credits


The World Around created these video presentations in partnership with the participating speakers, groups, and collaborators of The World Around Summit 2021: Architecture’s Now, Near and Next in residence at the Guggenheim.


Unless otherwise noted, all videos were produced with the creative team listed below.


Creative producer: Beatrice Galilee, The World Around

Director and producer: Satomi Blair, 4Hawk Productions 

Editor: CG Foisy, 4Hawk Productions 


Creative design and The World Around animations: 2×4 

The World Around musical intro: Axel Wainschtein

Copy editor and closed captioning: Nika Lineva


Richard Armstrong’s welcome video was captured at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. 


Director of theater services: Brenda Gray, 

Cameras: Erick Munari and Titus Ogilvie-Laing

Sound: Stephen Colon



Alice Rawsthorn | Design Emergency 


Alice Rawsthorn’s video presentation was captured in London.


Images and articles :

Cover and interior of Wallpaper Magazine, October 2020, featuring the Design Emergency logo by Studio Frith. Photos: Design Emergency. © Design Emergency

Design Emergency Instagram grid. © Design Emergency

Medical illustration of SARS-CoV-2 “PHIL-ID 23312”. Photo: Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Cara Giaimo, “The Spiky Blob Seen Around the World,” New York Times, April 1, 2020. Illustration of the coronavirus by Alissa Eckert, Dan Higgins/CDC

Chennai police officers in “Spiky Blob” helmets created by Gowtham. Photo: @kinggowtham

Desmond Tiro, “’Coronavirus hairstyle’ spikes in popularity in East Africa,” ABC News, May 11, 2020. Photo: Associated Press/Brian Inganga, File 

MASS Design Group, Butaro District Hospital, Burera District, Northern Providence, Rwanda, 2011. Photo: Iwan Baan

MASS Design Group, Ilima Primary School, Ilimia, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2015. Photo: Iwan Baan

MASS Design Group, GHESKIO Cholera Treatment Center, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 2015. Photo: Iwan Baan

James S. Russell, FAIA, “MASS Design Offers Guidance for Adapting Hospitals on the Fly,” Architectural Record, April 29, 2020. Diagram of interventions on the Guggenheim Pavilion courtesy MASS Design Group and Ariadne Labs

Giulio Piovaccar and Elivira Pollina, “Exclusive: Ferrari and Fiat look at helping Italy make ventilators in coronavirus crisis,” Reuters, March 19, 2020 

Rob Davies, “UK scraps plans to buy thousands of ventilators from Formula One group,” The Guardian, April 14, 2020. Photo: UK Cabinet Office/REUTERS

Jon Passantino, “Elon Musk says he sent ventilators to California hospitals, they say they got something else instead,” CNN Business, April 17, 2020

Storay Karimi, “Afghan all-girls robotics team designs low-cost ventilator to treat coronavirus patients,” Reuters, July 20, 2020

Rowan Moore, “The UK government’s coronavirus strategy: shoddy by design?” The Guardian, June 14, 2020

New Zealand’s Unite Against Covid-19 Campaign, designed by Clemenger BBDO, Wellington. Photos: New Zealand Government

Masks and PPE design by Creatives tegen Corona (CtC) in Antwerp. Photos; Createives tegen Corona

Dan Levin, “Las Vegas Places Homeless People in a Parking Lot, 6 Feet Apart,” New York Times, March 31, 2020. Photo: Steve Marcus/Reuters

A critical care nurse. Photo: Aimee Goold

Design Emergency IGTV page. © Design Emergency

El Futuro Imposible | The Impossible Future


Video presentation for The World Around:

Speakers: Paula Moura, Antonio Balseiro, and Martin Haas

Animation: Martin Haas

Editor: Raisa Aid and Eugenia Preve

Voices: Vandana Shiva, Akyiaa Wilson, and Veronica Llinás


Dear Darkening Ground: The Impossible Future

Poem: Rainer Maria Rilke

Direction: Toni Balseiro and Martin Haas

Production: Bárbara Terasani and Felicitas Soldi

Animation: Alejandro Libonatti, Bautista Goity, Daniela Gaudioso, Gabino Calónico, Ignacio Santonja, Lucia Chanllio, Mailén Britez, Mari Carranza, Nahuel Zabalza, Raúl Avila Guerrero, Roberto Segond, Rodrigo Cabral, Mario Bertazzo, Germán Katz, Maximiliano Tabares, Harrison Williams, and Ornela Vicentini 

Compositing supervision and color grading: Humberto Paytuvi / Pimba VFX

Compositing: Ana Bour, Venjamin Villalobos, Daniel Di Paola, Humberto Paytuvi, Santiago Guerrero, Sascha Bonanno, Vanesa Iassogna, Fernando Jerson, Eleazar H. Figueroa E., Harrison Williams, Borja Huertas, and Thomas Xavier Roger

Translation: Emiko Nakamura, Romina Paula, and Victoria Liendo

Piano: Nacho Abad

Stings, brass, and woodwind instruments: Muhammad Habibi

Music and sound design:  Ahre Studio and Mil Cables 

Sound editor: Mil Cables

Editor: Emiliano Fardaus


The Impossible Future – Intro

Direction: Toni Balseiro, Martin Haas

Executive production: Felicitas Soldi and Paula Moura 

Script: Toni Balseiro, Martin Haas and Fernando Salem

Script advisers: Sebastian Schor, Lucía Cavalotti, and Ramiro Bernardo 

Art direction: Nano Benayon 

Character design: Leo Campasso

Illustration: Martín Cocchi

Animation 2D: Grito, Mai Britez, Facundo Lezcano, Gabino Calónico, and Daniela Gaudioso

Animation 3D: Daniel Del Nilo 

Post-production supervisors: Fernando Jerson, Marcos Pezzani, and Diego Gambarotta 

Editor: Emiliano Fardaus

Color grading: Anahi Piccini 

Production Assistants: Ana Kriegel, Sofía Benseñor, and Julia Bsllotta 

Translation: Jonah Schwartz 

Sound mixer: Facundo Gómez and Mil Cables

Music: Kevin Graham (Music remix by Mil Cables)

Costume adviser: Analia Bernabé 

Design 2D: Diego Berakha

Director of photography: Santiago Melazzini 

Branding: Luz y Fuerza Co

Speakers: Verónica Llinás and Elisa Sánchez 

Images: Inhabit de Costa Boutsikaris


Feral Atlas | A Guide to the Feral Atlas


The Feral Atlas video essay was commissioned by The World Around and Beatrice Galilee.


Feral Atlas and the More-Than-Human Anthropocene website was curated and edited by Anna L. Tsing, Jennifer Deger, Alder Keleman Saxena, and Feifei Zhou.


All content and imagery provided by Feral Atlas © 2021 Stanford University.


Narrators (in order of appearance):

Anna L. Tsing, University of California, Santa Cruz

Rosa Ficek, University of Puerto Rico

Alyssa Paredes, University of Michigan

Paulla Ebron, Stanford University

Feifei Zhou, architect and artist

Kate Brown, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tipper video excerpts: (in order of appearance): 

“Colonists in eastern Panama spray herbicide on a rented pasture in 2015.” Video: Rosa Ficek

“Milk and biogas production,” Castlebosco Farm, Gragabo Trebbiense, Italy, 2014. Video: Studio Armin Linke/Armin Linke, Giulia Bruno, Giuseppe Ielasi, Martina Pozzan, and Katalin Simon

“Chemical Cocktails.” Video: Alyssa Paredes

“The Chernobyl Plume: Volumetric concentration of caesium-137 at ground level following the Chernobyl accident, April 26–May 6, 1986.” Video: Courtesy Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN)

“Burn.” Video: Isabelle Carbonell, Duane Peterson

“Train carrying iron ore,” Aimorés, Minas Gerais, Brazil, 2016. Video: Isabelle Carbonell and Duane Peterson

Images and drawings (in order of appearance):

Feifei Zhou, in collaboration with Nancy McDinny and Andy Evrson, Invasion, 2019. © Feifei Zhoul

Feifei Zhou, in collaboration with Larry Botchway, Capital, 2019. © Feifei Zhoul

Feifei Zhou, Empire, 2019. © Feifei Zhoul

Rejin Leys, The Ties That Bind #1, 1995. Mixed media drawing

Stowage of the British slave ship Brookes under the regulated slave trade act of 1788 by the Plymouth chapter of the Society for Effecting the Abolition of the Slave Trade, United States Library of Congress digital ID cph.3a34658

Feifei Zhou, in collaboration with Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho, Acceleration, 2019. © Feifei Zhoul

Artwork by Victoria Baskin Coffey based on photographs by Kate Brown. Photos: Feral Atlas


Liam Young | Planet City


Liam Young’s video presentation was captured in Los Angeles, with interview footage by Shaughn and John.


Installation footage was captured on location in Melbourne.


Planet City is on view in Melbourne for the National Gallery of Victoria’s 2020 Triennial until April 18, 2021. For more information visit


All images and video excerpts of Planet City included in this presentation have been shared with permission from Liam Young and NGV Melbourne. Planet City was commissioned by NGV Melbourne and Ewan McEoin.


Planet City

Director: Liam Young

Production design: Liam Young

Visual effects supervisor: Alexey Marfin

Costume director and producer: Ane Crabtree 

Original score: Forest Swords (Matthew Barnes)

Vocals: EMEL

Visual effects: Case Miller, Aman Sheth, Vivian Komati, Yucong Wang

Performers: David Freeland Jr., AJ, Miguel Alejandro López, and Joy Isabella Brown of Jacob Jonas The Company

Lead researcher: Case Miller

Researcher: Pierce Myers

Main costume assistant: Courtney Mitchell

Costume assistant: Ela Erdogan

Costume artists: Holly McQuillian, Karin Peterson, Kathryn Walters (Zero Waste Weavers), Aneesa Shami (High Altitude Bot Herder), Yeohlee Teng (Code Talker), Courtney Mitchell (Beekeeper), and Ane Crabtree (Nomadic Worker, Algae Diver, Drone Shepard)

Fiber artist: Janice Arnold

Mask artists: Liam Young (High Altitude Bot Herder, Code Talker, Algae Diver, Drone Shepard) and Zac Monday (Zero Waste Weaver)


Additional photography of Planet City

Creative direction: Liam Young

Costume director and producer: Ane Crabtree 

Costume photography: Driely S

Costume photoshoot producer: Eva Huang

Models: David Freeland Jr and AJ

Main costume assistant: Courtney Mitchell

Costume assistant: Ela Erdogan

Costume artists: Holly McQuillian, Karin Peterson, Kathryn Walters (Zero Waste Weavers), Aneesa Shami (High Altitude Bot Herder), Yeohlee Teng (Code Talker), Courtney Mitchell (Beekeeper), and Ane Crabtree (Nomadic Worker, Algae Diver, Drone Shepard)

Fiber artist: Janice Arnold

Mask artists: Liam Young (High Altitude Bot Herder, Code Talker, Algae Diver, Drone Shepard) and Zac Monday (Zero Waste Weaver)



Fernando Frías | Ya No Estoy Aquí (I’m No Longer Here)


Fernando Frías’s video presentation was captured in Monterrey, Mexico, by Carlos “Guailo” Lozano, produced by Adán Pérez and Adriana Mendivil, La Tuna Group.


All excerpts of Ya No Estoy Aquí (I’m No Longer Here) used with permission courtesy of NETFLIX. Ya No Estoy Aquí is now streaming exclusively on NETFLIX.


For full credits of the film, see .


Alia Farid | The Space Between Classrooms


Alia Farid’s video presentation was captured at Swiss Institute Contemporary Art New Yorkby 4Hawk Productions.


The Space Between Classrooms, the fifth edition of Swiss Institute’s Architecture and Design Series, was curated by Alia Farid and is on view January 20-April 18, 2021. The exhibition features works by Atelier Aziz Alqatami, Mohamed Bourouissa, Olga Casellas and Marco Abarca, Khalid al Gharaballi, Jumana Manna and Haig Aivazian, Nuria Montiel, Abdullah Al-Mutairi, Oscar Murillo, Gala Porras-Kim, Alfred Roth, and Cecilia Vicuña. The Space Between Classrooms is organized by Alison Coplan, Curator, Swiss Institute Contemporary Art New York.


Images and video excerpts:

Unless otherwise noted, all installation views of the exhibition by Charlie Rubin. 

Abdullah Al-Mutairi, Tk, 2019. Brick and cement, dims. Tk. Photo: Courtesy the artist

Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society (1971). Photo: TK

Credit System in Education… Why?, ca. 1975. Tk video, with sound, 34 min. 26 sec. Video: Courtesy Huda Abdulmughni. Subtitles added by Alia Farid

Alfred Roth, Ministry of Public Works, Kuwait City, Kuwait, ca. 1960. Photos: Courtesy gta Archives / ETH Zurich, Alfred Roth

Alfred Roth, The School Buildings of Kuwait, 1965. Booklet, typescript on paper. Photo: Courtesy gta Archives / ETH Zurich, Alfred Roth

Atelier Aziz Alqatami, Spring Opthalmia 1988, 2020–2021. India ink on vellum paper and clay sourced locally in Kuwait, dims. TK, Photo: Courtesy the artist

Oscar Murillo, Frequencies, 2013–ongoing, Ballpoint pen, fountain pen, graphite, felt tip pen, highlighter pen, permanent marker, paint, crayon, staples, natural pigments, debris, and other mixed media on canvas, dims. Tk. Courtesy the artist and Frequencies Projects Foundation 


Cave_Bureau | The Anthropocene Museum


Cave_Bureau’s presentation video was captured on location at the Giant Three Sisters Cave network, Kenya, with additional footage from Dandora dumpsite, Nairobi; the Anthropocene Museum 1.0 and 2.0; and the Shimoni Caves and Suswa Mountain Caves, Kenya.


Director, camera, and editor: Densu Moseti

Additional footage: Naserian Koikai and MicroDrone Africa


Presenters: Kabage Karanja and Stella Mutegi

Featured Shimoni community members and interviewees:Sheikh Omar Malago, Hassan Juma, Manuela Mhina, Salim Sheikh, and Nyamawi Diyo Ramadhani


Featured Suswa community members and interviewees: Ishmael Ntiyioine Nkukuu and Sirma Kapiani


All graphics and renderings used with permission of Cave_Bureau.


Archival images and video excerpts:


Engraving of the slave market in Zanzibar by Henri Théophile Hildebrand (1882). Photo: Prisma/UIG/Getty Images


Illustration of the slave market in Zanzibar from El Mundo En La Mano, published 1878. Photo: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images


Selected images from Nigel Pavitt, Kenya: A Country in the Making 1880–1940 (New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2008):Dau la Mtepe, p. 5; Slaves freed from captured slave ships were transferred to H.M.S London before being sent to Frere Town, near Mombasa, p. 213; Railway officials and gov’t dignitaries attend a ceremony to commemorate the laying of the first rail of the Uganda Railway at Mombasa, May 30, 1986,” p. 21; East African Protectorate, 1910, p. xii; Rev. Henry Binns with children at Frere Tow Mission, p. 15; Opening ceremony of the Salisbury Bridge, connecting Mombasa Island to the mainland, 1901, p. 59; A Farmall “M” tractor pulling an early McCormick-Deering power-take-off-driven combine harvester, p. 47, 235, p. 47; Unveilling of the Askari War Memorial in Sixth Avenue by H.R.H The Princess Victoria in the presence of the the Governor of Kenya, Lt. Col. Sir Edward Grigg, 1927, p. 192; Two Maasai women deep in conversation in Bazaar Street, Nigel Pavitt, p. 63; Torrs Hotel under construction, 1927, p. 145, 192; Lord Delamere reads a speech of welcome to Sir Percy Girouard at Nairobi Railway Station, September 20, 1909, p. 113; and Kikuyu goatherds in Murang’a District, p. 188


Terry Hirst and Davinder Lamba, The Struggle for Nairobi: A Documentary Comic Book. Nairobi: Mazingira Institute, 1994

Family photos courtesy Kabage Karanja


Kenya Report: 1953, 1953.- Archival footage. Video: British Pathé


The Shadow over Kenya, 1954. Archival footage. Video: British Pathé


Street scenes of Nairobi, Kenya, 1965/66. Archival footage on 16mm cine film by Kurt Liese. Video compilation: Harald Reportagen



Ryūe Nishizawa | OchoQuebradas House


Ryūe Nishizawa’s video presentation was captured in studio in Tokyo by Eugene Kobayashi, with translation/editing by Yuka Taga.


All renderings and drawings provided by the Office of Ryūe Nishizawa, and all footage of OchoQuebradas House shot by Cristóbal Palma/Estudio Palma in Los Vilos, Chile.


Kirunavaara, Kiruna, Sweden, 2019. Photo: Lennart Durehed


Office of Ryue Nishizawa “Moriyama House” Photo:  Office of Ryue Nishizawa

Office of Ryue Nishizawa “Garden & House” Photo:  Office of Ryue Nishizawa

Office of Ryue Nishizawa “Teshima Art Museum” Rei Naito : Matrix 2010 Photo:  Office of Ryue Nishizawa

Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA “Grace Farms” Photo :  Dean Kaufman

Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA “Grace Farms”  Photo : Iwan Baan



Francis Kéré | National Assembly Benin


Francis Kéré ’s video presentation was captured in the Kéré Architecture studio, Berlin.


Unless otherwise noted, all renderings and images courtesy Kéré Architecture.

Kéré Architecture, National Assembly Benin, Porto-Novo, Benin, 2018–ongoing. Three-dimensional digital renderings

Kéré Architecture, National Assembly Benin, Porto-Novo, Benin, 2018–ongoing. Sketch by Jeanne Autran-Edorh 

“Arbre à palabres.” Photo: unknown

Kéré Architecture, Xylem, Fishtail, Montana, 2019. Benches, interior view. Photo: Erik Petersen

Kéré Architecture, Xylem, Fishtail, Montana, 2019. Visitors pavilion at the Tippert Rise Art Centre. Photo: Iwan Baan

Kéré Architecture, Gando Primary School, Gando, Burkina Faso, 2001. Exterior view. Photo: Simeon Duchoud

A kapok tree. Photo: unknown

Kéré Architecture, Naaba Belem Goumma Secondary School, Gando, Burkina Faso, 2011–ongoing. View during construction. Photo: Francis Kéré

A toguna in Sangha, Mali, 2007. Photo: BluesyPete

Francis Kéré, 2019. Photo: Erik Petersen

Kéré Architecture, IT University or Burkina Institute of Technology, Koudougou, Burkina Faso, 2020

Kéré Architecture, Gando Primary School, Gando, Burkina Faso, 2001.  Photos: Enrico Cano, Erik Jan-Ouwerkerk, and Siméon Duchoud



Ensamble | Ca’n Terra


Antón García-Abril’s video presentation was captured in Menorca, Spain, by Claudia Armas


All renderings and drawings provided by Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa, Ensamble Studio, and all photos by Iwan Baan.


waiwai | Wetland


Wael Al Awar’s video presentation was captured on the salt flats in Al Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and in the waiwai studio in Dubai by John Gatapia, Seeing Things.


The National Pavilion United Arab Emirates is commissioned by the Salama bint Hamdan Foundation and supported by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Culture and Youth.


Wetland curators: Wael Al Awar and Kenichi Teramoto


Wetland lab team

Head of lab and research: Ryuji Kamon

Lab and research coordinator: Lujaine Rizk

Lab and research assistants: Ibrahim Khamis and Ahmad Beydoun


Onnis Luque and Mariana Ordóñez Grajales with Indignación A.C. | Tipologías: Hábitat y libre determinación (Typologies: Habitat and Self-Determination)


Typologies: Current State of Traditional Housing in Mexico

Mariana Ordóñez Grajales and Onnis Luque’s video presentation captured on location in Mexico City. 


Tipologías interviews were captured on location in Yucatán, Mexico, with Indignación A.C.  


Sujetos colectivos y defensa de la libre determinación (Collective Subjects and Defense of Self-Determination)


Photographs: Onnis Luque

Editor: Valeria Racioppi

Spanish to English Translator: Valeria Racioppi

Mayan to Spanish Translator: Indignación A.C.


All photographs and video have been provided for use by The World Around courtesy of Onnis Luque, Mariana Ordóñez Grajales, and Indignación A.C.


ArkDes presents Joar Nango | Kiruna Forever and the Virtual Girjegumpi


Carlos Mínguez Carrasco’s introduction of Kiruna Forever was captured in Stockholm by Isak Berglund Mattsson-Mårn, directed and produced by Stefanie Ravelli, TXT Studios. 


ArkDes team: Justina Hull and Elisabet Schön


Joar Nango’s video presentation of the Virtual Girjegumpi ( was captured in TKF Lofts, Tromso, Norway/Sápmi, by filmmaker Ken Are Bongo, edited by Isak Berglund Mattsson-Mårn, and directed and produced by Stefanie Ravelli, TXT Studios.


Images and video :

Iwan Baan, Anne Dessing, and MIchiel van Iersel, Global Kiruna, 2020. Photos; Iwan Baan

Kiruna, Sweden, May 2019. Photo: Klaus Thymann

Kirunavaara, Kiruna, Sweden, 2019. Photo: Lennart Durehed

Åke Jonsson, Drone footage of a building being relocated, 2020.

Iwan Baan, Anne Dessing, and MIchiel van Iersel, Global Kiruna, 2020. Photo; Iwan Baan

Iwan Baan, Anne Dessing, and MIchiel van Iersel, Global Kiruna, 2020. Photo; Iwan Baan

Jonas Petterson and his son, Albin, 2012. Photo: Kjell Törmä

Relocation of one of the oldest preserved buildings in Kiruna, Sweden, 2017. Photo: Kjell Törmä

Henning Larsen, Kiruna City Hall, Kiruna, Sweden, 2018.. Photo: Peter Rosén, Lappland Media

Still from Gállok (dir. Truls Andersen, 2018). Installation view, Tk. Photo: Erik Vallsten

Installation view, Kiruna Forever, ArkDes, Stockholm, June 2, 2020–February 7, 2021. Photo: Johan Dehlin

Esaias Hackzell, 1736. Photo: Tk

Still from Bromsgatan (dir. Liselotte Wajstedt, 2020)

A landmark building being relocated in Kiruna, Sweden, 2017. Photo: Jessica Nilden

Girjegumpi installed in Jokkmokk during the annual winter market in February 2018. Photo: Astrid Fadnes

Kiruna Forever publication. Photo: Magdalena Czarnecki


Girjegumpi – The Virtual Sámi Architecture Library is a project by Joar Nango, in collaboration with ArkDes.


Joar Nango owns all the copyright rights in the text, images, photographs, video, audio, graphics, user interface, and other content provided on the website, which may not be used without permission from Joar Nango. You may use the Services and the contents contained on the website solely for your own individual non-commercial and informational purposes. Any other use, including for any commercial purposes, is strictly prohibited without Joar Nango express prior written consent.


Counterspace | Umhlaba


Sumayya Vally’s video presentation was captured in Johannesburg with aerial footage by Sumayya Vally, Counterspace, with assistant Zaheer Cassim.


All photos, renderings, and drawings provided by Counterspace studio.




BlackSpace | BlackSpace Manifesto


BlackSpace’s video presentation was captured in New York City by 4Hawk Productions.


Featured artwork and locations include:

Madjeen Isaac’s mural Migration , on Caton Avenue and St. Paul’s Place, Brooklyn

Lorenzo Pace’s sculpture Triumph of the Human Spirit (2000) in Foley Square, Lower Manhattan

Weeksville Heritage Center, Crown Heights, Brooklyn 


Featured BlackSpace members:

Jennifer Allen, urban planner

Amina Hassen, urban planner

Dr. Sophonie M. Joseph, artist and community planner

Daphne Lundi, urban planner

Emma Osore, participatory designer


Narration of the BlackSpace Manifesto:

Justin Garrett Moore, transdisciplinary designer and urbanist

Rafael Sergio Smith, pProduct designer 

Kenyatta McLean, urban planner

Ifeoma Ebo, architect, strategist, and urban designer

Justine Johnson, community and mobility planner 


NYC BlackSpace Map graphic by Amina Hassen.


The BlackSpace Manifesto was designed by Aska Mukuti. 


All images provided courtesy BlackSpace Urbanist Collective.


Sir David Adjaye | City of Winter Park


Sir David Adjaye’s video presentation was captured in Accra, Ghana, courtesy of Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, with editing by Crystal Arnette, Adventure We Can. 


Construction footage was filmed on location in Winter Park, Florida, by Crystal Arnette, Adventure We Can.


Drone footage courtesy of Brassfield & Gorrie, LLC


All renderings of the Winter Park Library and Events Center and photos of previous projects provided courtesy of Adjaye Associates.


SO—IL and Philip Tinari | In Conversation


Jing Liu and Florian Idenburg’s video presentation was captured in the SO—IL studio in Brooklyn, New York, by 4Hawk Productions.


Philip Tinari’s video presentation was captured in the Edge Building in Shanghai, by Action Media.


All renderings of UCCA Edge, Amant, Ghada Amer Studio, and Janaina Tschäpe Studio provided courtesy SO—IL.


SO—IL, Kukje Gallery, Seoul, 2012. Photo: Iwan Baan

SO—IL, K11 Art and Cultural Centre, Hong Kong, 2017. View of the sculpture park. Photo: Courtesy K11 MUSEA

Elmgreen & Dragset, Van Gogh’s Ear, 2016. Steel, fiberglass, stainless steel, and lights, 354 × 197 × 95 in. (899.2 ×500.4 × 241.3 cm). Photo: Courtesy K11 MUSEA                           

Adrian Wong, Astromycology Vivarium, 2019. Steel, one-way mirror, plastic, rubber, vinyl, LCD monitors, dimensions variable. Photo: Courtesy K11 MUSEA

Erwin Wurm, Hot Dog Bus, 2018. VW T2b and mixed media, 86.6 × 98.4 × 216.5 inches (220 × 250 × 550 cm). Photo: Courtesy K11 MUSEA

Samson Young, Big Big Company (Mini Golf), 2019. 3D-printed PLA, resin, plywood, artificial turf, dimensions variable; with single-channel video, 12 mins. Photo: Courtesy K11 MUSEA

The Edge building in Shanghai. Photo: Courtesy UCCA Center for Contemporary Art

The facade of UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, designed by Office for Metropolitan Architecture. Photo: Bian Jie

798 Art Zone in Beijing. Photo: Tk

Amant Art Campus, designed by SO—IL, under construction. Photos: 4Hawk Productions

Designer’s residence. Photo: Naho Kubota

SO—IL, K11 Art and Cultural Centre, Hong Kong, 2017.  Photo: Kris Provoost

SO—IL, K11 Art and Cultural Centre, Hong Kong, 2017.  Photo: Kevin Mak

SO—IL, Pole Dance, 2010. Installation view, MoMA PS1, Queens, New York, June 25–September 25, 2010. Photo: Iwan Baan

Installation view, Bad Thoughts, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, July 20, 2014–January 10, 2015. Photo: Iwan Baan


SO–IL, Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, Davis, California, 2016. Photo: Iwan Baan


Installation view, Haegue Yang, Kukje Gallery, Seoul, September 3–November 17, 2017.


SO–IL, Beeline, 2019. Installation view, Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology, June 10, 2020–February 4, 2021. Photo: Iwan Baan


SO–IL, Adelaide Contemporary, Adelaide, Australia (unbuilt). Digital three-dimensional renderings


SO–IL, Las Americas Social Housing, Leon, Mexico, 2016–ongoing. Photo: Iwan Baan


Neighborhoods Now COVID relief, program Queens, New York. Photo: SO–IL


SO–IL, 450 Warren, Brooklyn, New York, ongoing. Digital three-dimensional rendering by darcstudio 


Deborah Berke and Jason Price | NXTHVN


Deborah Berke and Jason Price’s video presentation was captured at NXTHVN, in New Haven, Connecticut, by 4Hawk Productions.


All renderings courtesy Deborah Berke Partners, and all photographs by CG Foisy, Tim Williams, and John Dennis.


Additional footage of NXTHVN and artist studios excerpted from  “Founders Tour” by John Dennis, camera by John Shyloski, with editing by Pushpin Films .


This conversation features Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack’s Edith; The Art of Assemblage (2020).


Deanna Van Buren | Designing Justice + Designing Spaces


Deanna Van Buren’s video presentation was captured in Oakland, California and edited by Crystal Arnette, Adventure We Can.


Aerial footage of Love Campus was shot on location in Detroit by The Aadizookaan.


All photos and renderings courtesy of Designing Justice + Designing Spaces


Wide Awakes |  Eye Opener




Voiced: Black Thought

Writer: Jason Nichols

Directors: Jason Nichols and Felipe Griebel

Editor and animator: Felipe Griebel

Production design: Renato Forster





The World Around Wide Awake coordinators: Christina Caputo and Carly Fisher


Live show director/producer, Satomi Blair, 4Hawk Productions


Live show production staff at the Guggenheim 

Director of theater services: Brenda Gray 

Camera: Erick Munari 

Content and live stream operators: Titus Ogilvie-Laing and Diego Quintanar

Lighting: Corrado Verini

Sound: Stephen Colon


Guggenheim Public Programs

Laili Amighi, Alan Seise, and Jennifer Yee