In Focus: Land

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The World Around created these video presentations in partnership with the participating speakers, groups, and collaborators of The World Around In Focus: Land


Unless otherwise noted, all videos were produced with the creative team listed below.


Creative producer: Beatrice Galilee, The World Around

Director and producer: Satomi Blair, 4Hawk Productions 

Editor: CG Foisy, 4Hawk Productions 


Creative design and The World Around animations: 2×4 

The World Around graphics and animations: Rohan Rege 

Live show director/producer, Satomi Blair, 4Hawk Productions


Live show production staff at the Guggenheim 

Director of theater services: Brenda Gray 

Camera: Erick Munari 

Content and live stream operators: Titus Ogilvie-Laing and Diego Quintanar

Lighting: Corrado Verini

Sound: Stephen Colon

Guggenheim Public Programs

Laili Amighi, Alan Seise, and Jennifer Yee